Becoming a member of the Aurora Images’ Touchstone program will be such a memorable experience! Not only is our program rewarding, it builds lasting relationships, builds self-confidence, strengthens self-esteem, is filled with fun and has plenty of room for individual creativity.

The Touchstone program is not a referral based, sales program. It is an organized group of young people who care about their peers and their community who are interested in having fun while making a difference. Sound kind gown up and droll? Well, Aurora Images Photography does offer incentives for referral bookings, but that’s not what it’s all about. Its about fun modeling projects, fun volunteer projects, supporting and encouraging each other, building self-esteem, being creative, team organization and team building. Whatever members put into the program, they will receive two-fold by the end of the 15 month program!

We are looking for soon to be graduating seniors who are role models in their school and their community. Someone who is a positive influence on their friends and other students. Someone who enjoys being in front of a camera having their picture taken! You don’t have to have modeling experience or theatrical experience. You don’t have to have a certain look or a certain hair color. You just have to like having your picture taken and having fun with it! Even if you’re shy and think you don’t take good pictures – you are a perfect fit for our program!

Each year we take a maximum of 12 role models. You must be willing to make a commitment to Aurora Images Photography for your Senior Portraits at the time of acceptance into the program. You cannot Promote other photographers while you are a member of the Aurora Images Touchstone Program. There is a small, one-time fee of $200 to join the Aurora Images Touchstone Program. Please continue reading to see the benefits of being a part of this program. Members are asked to share images on social media throughout their senior year to bring attention to their beloved photographer (me) and Aurora Images Photography Studio. Please Fill out the Touchstone Program Application and watch your inbox for detailed information.


The Touchstone Program is a mentorship program. As a successful, female small business owner, photographer, fine arts instructor, and published author, it has been my honor and pleasure to mentor, encourage, and support my students in all areas of growth and the achievement of their goals. I’m 100% there for them.

The Touchstone Program is a service-based opportunity. Each year, members will choose an area of service – the elderly within the community, at risk youth, or animals in need. Aurora Images will provide service projects related to the area of interest they have chosen to be conducted throughout the 15 months they are in the program.

The Touchstone Program is a way to make new friends and forge strong relationships that last well beyond our program; the Touchstone program fosters confidence building, supportive relationships.

This is a modeling opportunity. My business focuses on portrait photography and people; telling their story through photographic images. Photography is an art form that is capable of prompting an emotional response from its audience. Models are essential as an example of a story that has been captured; a moment in time.

The Touchstone program provides a way to get a ton of extra photo sessions and free photos. Members of the program receive a customized photo session the summer before their Senior School year. Members receive another customized session for which they can choose the theme. Then at the end of the year they receive another mini session styled to tell the story of the path they will be taking after graduation; college, business, medical, etc. For every session, members will receive the digital files from these sessions to keep and share on social media tagging the studio – remember that part I mentioned about keeping the name of your beloved photographer and favorite studio out there on social media?

Being a member of our Touchstone program means you are making a commitment to use Aurora Images Photography for your Senior Portrait Session. You cannot promote any other photographer while you are a member of the Aurora Images Touchstone program.

As I mentioned before, I am committed to being there for my students and my Touchstone teens. I am happy to sign off on volunteer hours for our service projects, provide scholarship recommendations, resume builders, letters of recommendations related to business, and much more.

Touchstone members can earn credits toward their senior portrait package. Referrals are NOT required, they are opportunities. For each booking referral that comes to me, the referring member will receive $100 off their Senior Package. If there are no referrals, no worries!  My Touchstone members are considered full paying clients. I provide full disclosure about my pricing at the Touchstone Informational meeting so parents are fully aware of their investment. The Touchstone program is just an added benefit to enhance their experience as a graduating senior! There are milestones in every person’s life. Graduating High School, Graduating College, Wedding day, the birth of a child. It is a gift and a pure joy for me to share in that experience with these young adults who are on a path of great adventure and advancement.

I will only call you if your student has obtained permission and has completed an application to enroll in our Touchstone Program. The Touchstone program is a voluntary program and is not a requirement for booking a senior session with Aurora Images Photography. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have. This program demands time and effort from me and from our members. I understand seniors are incredibly busy! Members must be committed to their academics, that is paramount. Then there is the extracurricular activities, their busy social lives and family. I know that these things will always come first. The fee members are required to pay has a purpose. By paying the fee, members are showing their commitment to share Aurora Images Photography with their friends and their commitment to participate as much as possible in our service projects, our events, and social media posts.

I hope I have answered your questions about the Touchstone Program. For those of you who are still unsure, I encourage you to go ahead and fill out the application and then attend our informational meeting.  I look forward to meeting each applicant and their families and I am very excited about the working relationship that will soon follow!

Synne Magar Ferguson    Aurora Images Photography

Aurora's Touchstone Program

Aurora's Touchstone Models 2017-2018